Managing my Home-Office and leading my Self

Course Objectives

Are you feeling more stressed? More anxious and overwhelmed when working remotely Is the isolation and confinement tiring you? Are you trying to cope with new challenges of working from home? Are you struggling to manage your family and work balance?
We all need to learn and adapt to the new realities. Working and managing our home and work. Leading ourselves and to deliver results. Manage the family as well as ourselves, and to ensure to attain the same sense of in office achievement and satisfaction for our work. We need to fill professionally and personally fulfilled, and to remain connected and engaged with our colleagues, family and also to our Selves

Session 1: Managing my home-office

In our current times of home office and online work, individuals need to ensure that they possess personal self-management skills. When there is no supervisor or peers around physically, and in an isolated or home space, professionals needs to schedule their time and manage their space differently. They need to adapt to a different work environment.

Session 2: Leading myself to results

When working at the home office, and with no colleagues, others and the supervisor around, individuals have to lead themselves. They need to master their own work preferences and work styles more consciously, and to ensure that they lead themselves to be productive and result oriented. When no one is around, and in isolation, individuals have to adapt to become more independent, responsible and self-leading.

Session 3: Enhancing my energy and personal power

During this VUCA time when ‘new normal’ came to our world it is very important to focus our attention on the right matters. The energy level to cope with complexity and ambiguity is crucial. The lighthouse during the storm is to strengthen fundamentals. The personal power of an individual is a vital source for remote teamwork.

In this Webinar Series participants will learn how to:

  • Organize and plan their time and home office
  • Put themselves in a work mode adapt their home space
  • Perform at their maximum efforts and be to disconnect, when required
  • Use their personal work preference and style
  • Set and work toward professional objectives, goals and results
  • Discipline, self-motivate and self-reward
  • Ensure personal psychological health during isolation and confinement
  • Manage the levels of energy and the importance of vital behaviors


The eWorkshop series consists of three (3) webinars with a series of interactive and practical exercises. The webinars will be held over a period of two weeks, with participants asked to do some preparation before and between the three sessions. Each session will be one hour and will include personal exercises and assignments, and there will be a space for dialogue and Q&A.

Target Audience

All Staff.

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