The training was excellent, since it tackled some of the major underlying issues I face as the head of my institution. The module will help me refashion my listening and communication skills. It will support my efforts at building and coordinating units within my organization.

Heads of African Anti-Corruption Agencies South Africa, March 2013

I like that we have homework so that the day’s work is not forgotten and can be incorporated and utilized going forward. I will be more ‘intentional’ in many actions and reactions to my team members and the staff as a whole. The day was very organized, dynamic and fun.

Gavi Geneva, June 2013

The training was very relevant and appropriate to my day to day running of the organisation. Excellent facilitation by well experiences facilitators/resource experts, with ready practical examples and ways to keep the training alive. I am taking away with me a specific commitment to go and develop myself better as a leader, making sure that I improve on my attitude towards colleagues and using positive language to build them into a good team. With the right positive attitude and language used in interacting with others, our organisation will become more of a team and therefore perform better.

Litelu Ramokhoro, Director of DCEO Lesotho, February 2014

Content was very good. We addressed the issues we said we were going to address and then some more. I think we took it about as far as we reasonably could. […] I had high expectations and they were met!

Gavi Geneva, February 2015

The content of the training is superb in that it encompasses leadership not only in the office scenario but also in the personal sphere. It’s a “know yourself and others” sort of course. It will affect my life in a very positive way in that there is now an understanding of why (I and other people) do things in a given way. It was well organised, articulated, with a good command of the subject matter.

UNODC Botswana, March 2015

You have made things happen in a subtle yet effective manner. It is without doubt a testimony to your expertise, knowledge and deep understanding of the UN. I am therefore not surprised to learn that you contributed so much to our work over so many years. It would be also my pleasure and to stay in touch with you and collaborate in common endeavour to making the world a better place for human kind. A tough call in these rather troubled days. With sincere appreciation.

Parfait Onanga-Anyang, Head of MINUSCA Nigeria, April 2015

It was very thoughtful and gave us an amazing amount of insight into ourselves both personally and as a team. I can’t imagine that any issue has been left out. It was very comprehensive. This retreat has strengthened our interpersonal bonds. We are now team and family. It’s also given us an insight into how we can improve ourselves. [The Trainer] is excellent at analysing and giving us insights. He has literally drawn the best out of us and made us realized how privileged we are to be part of this team.

UNOPS Thailand, May 2016

UNISDR has invested significant resources in the Staff development and training program. An important number of staff have made full and good use of these opportunities and positive feedback has been given. […] I emphasize that to offer the Skills Development workshops (Presentation, Facilitation, Communication, Management, Leadership, etc.) is a strategic objective for our organisation, and a response to your requests and expressed needs and verified by managers. I urge all Staff and all Supervisors not only to make the effort and take the time to follow these courses but to fully commit to carry through the program.

Margareta Wahlstrom, SRSG, UNISDR Geneva, May 2011