Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy contains important information about the personal details we collect, what we do with it and your choices and rights when it comes to the personal information you have shared with us.

Please check our website from time to time for updates to our Privacy Policy. If we make important changes to our Privacy Policy, we will contact you to let you know. If you have any questions about our Privacy Policy or the information we collect or use about you, please contact us at:

Who we are

We are Nexus Consulting Sàrl, a company active in training, facilitation, consulting and coaching, registered in Geneva, Switzerland. We operate on many different platforms, online and on-site, where we use, process and store your information in a way that is specific to that service. We collect your information through your registration or participation in our workshops and seminars, during meetings or briefings with us, in emails or letters you send us, during phone or online conversations with us, with online services such as our websites, social media, as well as through your responses to surveys designed to help us understand you better and to improve our products and services.

What we use your information for

We will only collect and use information which is personal to you where it is necessary, fair and lawful to do so. We require some personal information – including your name and email, and also your telephone number and physical address if you wish to share them with us, whichever way you prefer to be contacted – to design and enhance our services supporting your ongoing professional and personal development and to tell you about changes to Privacy Policy. If you willingly subscribed to our newsletter, you will receive emails that may include important news and updates about Nexus Consulting, our e-newsletter with some useful tips and tools on leadership, management and communication, worthwhile knowledge supporting your career and personal development, and information regarding relevant or forthcoming products and services that might be of interest to you.

If at any point, you choose not to receive emails from us, please look for the “unsubscribe” link at the bottom of each email we send. You can also contact us by send an e-mail to

We will not share your details with third parties, unless you have granted us an informed and unambiguous permission to do so, or at the explicit request of regulatory and supervisory authorities, and in line with our obligations to keep your information safe and secure. We will never sell your details to anyone.

All your information is processed in Switzerland and using tools committed to safeguarding the personal data of their users, visitors and contacts, allowing them to exercise their rights under the data protection legislations and to control the use of their personal information.

How long we keep your information

We will keep your personal information only as long as necessary to provide you with our products or services while you are a client. When required, we may also keep your information after this period to meet our legal or regulatory obligations and to inform you about them. The length of time we keep your information will vary depending on these obligations.

Your individual rights

Based on Article 13 of the Federal Constitution of the Swiss Confederation, the provisions of the Swiss federal data protection legislations and the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), you have several rights in relation to how Nexus Consulting uses your information.

They are: the right to be informed on what personal information we have; the right of access to your personal information; the right to request that your personal information be rectified if it is inaccurate or incomplete; the right for your information to be deleted or removed; the right to ask Nexus Consulting to give you a clarification about its processing of your personal information; the right to restrict, block or suppress the processing of your personal information; the right to object to automated processing of your personal information, and to request human intervention or to challenge a decision where processing is done automatically. You can also ask Nexus Consulting for a copy of your personal information at any time.

Who you need to contact if you have a claim

First and foremost, please contact us at if there is anything we can help you with regarding your personal information! We will always strive to collect, store, use and protect your personal information in line with our Privacy Policy.

While we will do our utmost to respond to your request, if you ever believe we have not handled your information according to the data protection laws, your complaint should be sent to our data protection Supervisory Authority, the “Responsable LIPAD de l’État de Genève” – forms and contact available at: