Young stylish businessmanWe deliver our services and all our courses in English, French, German, Persian, Spanish.


  • During the training seminars the focus is on the participants and personal development
  • Participants are stimulated to reflect, talk, discuss, act and do
  • Trainers lead through facilitation for participants to arrive to personal conclusions
  • Small groups of 8-10 people for more and quality interaction, deeper transfer of knowledge and more effective learning
  • Sub-group discussions and exercises
  • Group Plenary session debate

Mind and Tools

  • Skills and tools transfer is one part of an effective training
  • Longer lasting impact comes from a mental change and development
  • In addition to equipping participants with tools and techniques, our Institute aims to help to develop mind-sets and attitudes
  • A positive attitude, forward-looking perspectives, constructive thinking and language are ingredients for a healthy mind to deal positively with personal change.

Personal M.A.P. – Motivation Action Plan Report

  • The M.A.P. is a practical tool done during the training sessions.
  • Participants report back on how they have practised and executed what they have learnt.
  • The M.A.P. ensures that the skills, tools and mind-sets are implemented.
  • At the end of training seminars we developed the methodology how people can ensure the sustainability of their commitments.
  • The M.A.P. tool ensures that the individual has a 90% chance of actually changing their behaviour and thus the training to have a real impact.

Fun and Joy

  • All our workshops are fun.
  • Our facilitators and trainers will ensure that participants to enjoy themselves.
  • In our workshops people laugh and have fun constantly.
  • We are strong believers that adults, like children, learn and develop best when the are having fun and enjoy themselves.

20/80 Ratio

  • 20% of time spent on “theory”, i.e. reflection exercises, self-knowledge and awareness
  • 80% of time spent on “practice”, i.e. case studies, role-plays, scenarios, practical exercises, activities, concrete tools and techniques, etc.
  • Each training session ends with a Personal Action Plan for each participant