Business man and meeting table backgroundWe deliver our services and all our courses in English, French, German, Persian, Spanish.


  • Needs-oriented, customized facilitation and team-event services
  • Intensive and in-depth needs analysis
  • Clarification of goals and desired outcomes and outputs


  • Unique retreats
  • Perfectly adapted team-events
  • Based on specific client needs

Briefings and Preparations

  • Close partnership with you / clients
  • Number of briefings and preparatory meetings
  • Drafting of concept and workshop design
  • Conceptualization and build around needs and special interest

Ratio 80/20

  • 80% spend on preparation of events
  • Intensive and very careful preparations
  • Preparation is 100% of success
  • 20% implementation of project
  • Actual facilitation of services

Fun and Joy

  • Each project ensures positive and constructive collaboration
  • Process to prepare is enjoyable
  • Event is fun and result-oriented
  • High level of group interaction and participation
  • Happy interactions, fun and laughter among people