Nexus Consulting consists of professionals and experts with more than 10 years of experiences in their respective fields. Our consultants, trainers and facilitators have the highest academic qualifications, post-graduate degrees and doctorate, as well as practical experiences, working with numerous clients and worldwide.

Ramin Lydie
Ramin Kaweh
Managing Director
Lydie Echernier
Programme Manager
Ramin Kaweh is the Founder and Managing Director of Nexus Consulting. He is a renowned facilitator and trainer, specialised in leadership, management and communication for multicultural teams. He has facilitated numerous large-scale international workshops with high-level political impact in the past 20+ years. Lydie Echernier is the Programme Manager of Nexus Consulting, responsible for research & development, knowledge management, organisation of end-to-end project delivery, marketing, business development and general management functions.
Jerome Nasrin
Jérôme L’host
Nasrin Davis
Jérôme L’host is an Associate of Nexus Consulting, specialised in training, facilitation and coaching on a wide set of subjects. Nasrin Davis is an Associate of Nexus Consulting, specialised in training and coaching on leadership.
Jean-Christophe Guenola
Jean-Christophe Hadorn
Guenola Rasa
Jean-Christophe Hadorn is an Associate of Nexus Consulting, specialized in strategy. Guenola Rasa is an Associate of Nexus Consulting, specialised in codesign and collaborative facilitation.