7 Good Morning Habits

The leaves are falling and the weather is changing. Although we are likely in the middle of busy work and doing our everyday chores, life is catching up with constant changes, it’s time to review our habits.

What we do every day, as a routine, is who we are. The first things we do every morning to begin our day, are essential. Our morning habits set us into the right frame, to start our day’s journey.

“Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps You going.”

I hope this newsletter motivates you to start some new morning habits.

Undoing 3 bad habits

Before we start some good habits, we should be aware of some of our bad habits that need undoing.

Be conscious of whatever you do, that is detrimental or useless in the long-run.
Here are some to get rid off:

Un-habit 1: Avoid checking your smartphone first thing in the morning. Ideally, stop it for the first hour of your day!

Un-habit 2: Don’t start with negative thoughts. Catch yourself and turn negative thoughts into positive or neutral ones.

Un-habit 3: Stop being grumpy, critical or complaining to those near to you, or loved ones. If you feel like criticising, come up already with a solution. If you feel like complaining, just state the facts, be informative, and if need be, ask for help. If you are just grumpy, rather stay quiet and focus to get yourself in good shape, so not to bring others down.

Get some more ideas and powerful pointers to increase your positivity.

7 Good Morning Habits

Body_soul_mind-heartWhat are the successful habits to commence? Based on my experience of over 20 years dealing with top successful leaders and managers, like many of them, I suggest to categorise your habits in four dimensions: body, soul, mind and heart.


Habit No 1: Take a (cold) shower
For some mental and physical cleansing, waking up fresh and with a hearty, healthy blood circulation, take a nice cold shower! Many people have their best thoughts of the days under the shower. If you have a tough time doing the cold shower, start small, do some 15 seconds cold water on your legs, and move upwards. (3-5min, keep it short and save our planet 😉

Habit No 2: Do some physical exercises
Do some physical exercise. Best are stretches or yoga, to wake up your body. (4-7min)


Habit No 3: Meditate, seek calm and tranquillity
Learn some breathing techniques. Do some mediation or mindfulness. Focus to be with yourself and be in touch with your Self. Listen to your inner voices, and your heart and mind. (2-5min)


Habit No 4: Start with a positive thoughts or empowering affirmations
Read positive quotes or wisdoms. Repeat a powerful mantra that You like or a wish to aspire to. A poem, a prayer, any text you like. Anything your mind is stimulated, feels inspired and motivated. You can also say some empowering affirmations to yourself, in front of the mirror, under the shower, or when meditating. (30 sec-2 min)

Habit No 5: Read a book
Successful people read all the time. Every day. Learn a new skill, read something useful or beneficial for your Self. (10-20 min)

Habit No 6: Journaling
Write down and journal your thoughts, gratitude or your daily intentions. Note down a few sentences about your day’s goals, and the work or life about to commence. (3-7 min)

To go further in managing your everyday work and life, use our template.


Habit No 7: Connect with loved ones, or Be with Family
Connect with a loved one. Kiss, touch or hug someone. Make your family or intimate relationship a priority. Hug a friend. If you are single, send a friend or family member a thoughtful message, lovely or positive, or just a nice smiley and wishing a happy, meaningful, joyful day. (30 sec- 3 min)

With this short 23 minutes morning routine, you can change your perspective towards your life and work goals, and start your day with powerful positive habits. If you see good results, you might even want to stretch your routine to 50 minutes.

Pick some or all of the above, make a personal 30-day commitment and Now do it!

To find out more about these habits, and discover some concrete examples and tools, head over to our Twitter account. We will put some new content online in the coming week.

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