Happy*New*Year 2019

Dear Friends & Partners,

Wishing You a Happy New Year, full of *charming & *sparkling *moments, with Your Team, company, organisation, your Family & Friends – and with Your Self. As a present, a little video message with four aspirations and inspirations for 2019, and for your personal Life Year.

We would be most happy to hear from You.

Kind regards, and faithfully,
Ramin & Team


Transcript of the video:

Happy New Year to You and to everybody!

Just a message to say I wish you all the best, health and inspiration in 2019! Many sparkling and charming moments!

Thank you for our work together, for our friendship, for our collaboration, for bringing really purpose and joy into my and Nexus’ life. It’s not only a pleasure but it’s meaningful for us working with You – and I say this from the bottom of my heart.

I want to give you also some inspiration for the New Year. For those of you who haven’t done already resolutions, there’s still time. And if you didn’t have resolutions until now, do it on your special day… and that’s your birthday. Hopefully it’s coming up soon, if not, if it’s later this year, I suggest to think about 4 things on your birthday. And you might as well do it now!

(1) Mentally: that’s your brain. How do you want to grow? What do you want to learn? What about the books you want to read? How do you want to increase still your mental capacities?

(2) Physically: that’s your body. What do you want to do physically? Any sports you want to learn? Anything you want to do in terms of running, gym, your fitness, or your diet? How do you want to feel good in your body?

(3) Emotionally: that’s your heart, of course. With the heart, what is meant is, how do you want to grow emotionally this year? What you want to do with your relationships and your relations with other humans? Do you want to be a better mom, dad, child, colleague, friend, or a better partner? Think about how you want to grow also emotionally, with your heart.

(4) And lastly, a dimension that we forget sometimes, spiritually: that’s you center, and that’s You. Think also about a deeper sense of You and your experience in life as a human, and your connection to the bigger things, to the universe and to your meaning and your purpose. What do you want to achieve this year in that respect? How do you want to be better connected to your Self and to the rest of Humanity?

To sum up, 4 little ideas for You on your birthday, or now: mentally, physical, emotionally and spiritually. How do you want to grow?

I would be very happy to get a message from you when you see this video, to hear from my friends, partners and clients. If we see each other once, twice or three times a year, I’d be very pleased to get a little message from you.

And I leave you with the magic the world turning invisibly…

Thank very much everybody! I wish you all the best.

Happy New Year 2019!