Master your #1 Fear: A Blueprint for Public Speaking

Spring is arriving. The sun is coming out. People are shining. It’s time to speak publicly and loud again.

Public speaking is amongst the most demanded subjects of our catalogue. According to some research studies, it also ranks as the number 1 fear, before spiders or even death.

So, who wants to be a much better public speaker? Who wants to improve their public speaking so to improve her or his career? Who would benefit from a stronger visibility? Who wants to deliver messages powerfully? Who would love to speak up more?

In this new edition, you will find an outline of our Blueprint for Public Speaking. To go further and benefit from our complete framework and detailed methodology, join us for an online workshop.

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Many people are very scared to speak in public. I meet managers and leaders on a weekly basis, who need to give many presentations, public speeches or even small team talks. Yet they are not comfortable, they resist or they think they are not good enough. Who, among you, never enjoyed a good nap, checked your emails or played games, during one boring presentation?

Below is an outline with four essential elements you can use to improve your Public Speaking skills:


joanna-kosinska-199299-unsplash-sqThe content is what you want to deliver. That’s the part that most people focus their talk on. Some people are very nervous and stressed to speak in public or to give a presentation, others are keen to speak and to share all they know. But, the majority misses to deliver the appropriate content in the appropriate manner and to be really heard. To make an impact, you need to have the right structure, memorable messages, appropriate introduction and closing. In practice, there are further details you need to consider and to be fully aware of, so to convey your content in the best way possible.


david-laws-411854-unsplash-sq“It is not what you say, but how you say it.” In any public speech or presentation, it is about how you deliver your content, it is about your non-verbal language. You need to reflect, to be very conscious and to use tools such as pacing, pausing and positioning. You need to practice the most important parts of your speech correctly. These are some of the tips, tools and techniques you can apply to deliver effectively. Your right delivery is one of the key elements for a successful public speech.

Internal Attitude

austin-neill-247047-unsplash-sqOne other dimension is your attitude and your internal state, basically your feelings, sensations and your state of mind. You need to be aware and to consciously use all your senses: visually with your eyes, auditory with your ears, with your your movement by walking and using the stage or the space available to you, and with your intuition. There are many additional points that you can still learn and apply in order to increase your capabilities and to be at your best.

External Environment

david-menidrey-417816-unsplash-sqThe environment where you are presenting is crucial for the success of your talk. You need to be in control and in charge of creating the conducive atmosphere and energy. At the same time, you need to handle the IT, beamer, audio, video and internet connections, in addition to any other electronics or props. It is something most speakers take for granted, yet that excellent speakers handle flawlessly and invisibly. And these are only a few of the concrete external parameters you need know and to handle efficiently to give speeches perfectly.

So, where do you start?

In our forthcoming e-book, we will give you: more tips, tools and techniques, more practical details to deliver effectively, more intelligence to develop your competencies, and more parameters to handle your environment with ease. With all these, you can become a master public speaker. Furthermore, in our face-to-face workshops, you will have the opportunity to practice and see the best techniques live.

Would you like to be a better public speaker? Are you ready to start now?

If Yes, I am delighted to help you in this process. Join me online, or contact us directly, to discover the complete blueprint that will help you become a Master Public Speaker.

Join us online on
Tuesday 29 May 2018 at 17:00 CEST (Geneva, Switzerland)


Again, as spring present for You, I am happy to offer this one-hour online course free-of-charge!

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