5 qualities of an exceptional Boss or Team Leader

Being a manager, a leader, a supervisor or a “boss” to people, requires a fine line of being both firm and friendly.

Exceptional Team leaders ought to be like the natural substance we use everyday: they can be fluid, flowing and very mild, like warm water; or they can be firm, strong and hard, like frozen water – depending on the situation, the task at hand and the person in front of them.

In this post, we provide You with five qualities how to be an exceptional leader: live your values, believe in the good nature of people, care about people, value your Team, see their potential and inspire them.

1) Live by your values

image2016-8aDo your best. People can only admire you and follow you willingly when you practice what you preach. Carry yourself with strength and stability, stemming from your deep confidence and true joy of living and doing your job. You have to be a role model first and foremost, before asking others to follow your guidance. Dare to apply what you learn to yourself. Never stop learning from the world around you. Do so with passion.

2) Believe in the good nature of people

image2016-8bImagine the world as a big root that runs underground, with people in your network as many little plants stemming from it, on the surface. From above the ground, we can only see the little, parted plants. But deep inside under the ground, nurture this huge common root. Feed the people in your network with positivity. Chose to trust and to invest in your Team, on both the human and material levels. Doing so, you make people blossom. You will soon start to see tangible fruits from your collaboration with them.

3) Care about people’s wellbeing and development

image2016-8c2Care enough to demand the best from your Team and do not let them indulge or under-perform, or vice versa outperform themselves and burn out. Be generous with praise and also with positive criticism and challenges. Give frequent feedback, always in a constructive manner. Help your Team members to measure their progress and build their confidence. Push them to evolve and to reach a place where they themselves did not believe they are capable of reaching. Help them to truly transform themselves and to be a better professional in their area of expertise, and on a human level. Be demanding while being caring.

4) Value people

image2016-8d3Be loyal and make relationships a major priority in your work. Be free spirited and open, and equally take yourself, and those around you, very seriously, be it in the delivery or performance of your Team. In your interactions, be consistent, reliable and trustworthy, and at the same time also humble and appreciative. Be persistent if need be, while valuing people.

5) See their potential and inspire them

image2016-8eBe willing to put energy into your Team members or staff, to see them evolve. Notice the little things but never lose sight of what is essential. Listen carefully and go out your way to help whenever you can. Speak positively and inspire your Team and Staff. Make the best to adapt and respond to the needs of those around you. Spare no efforts to help those around you.

Have the wisdom to know what the challenge is, the patience to know when to address it and the skills to know how to do it in the most efficient way for the person you manage and you wish to see grow.

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