Understanding & dealing with your Child’s personality: MBTI Parenting style that fits your Child

MBTI parentingHalf-Day Intensive Seminar on Personality Types and Raising Kids
Saturday, 3 October 2015

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Children come in many styles and so do parents. Every parent brings natural strengths to the job as well as limitations and vulnerabilities. Understanding and appreciating your own parenting style and that of your partner can help you accept your differences and feel more confident and understanding in your relationships. At the end of this workshop you will be able to appreciate your own parenting style, and to identify the personality style and the preferences of your child. This understanding results in more acceptance, and dealing with differences in personalities constructively and harmoniously.

This workshop is designed to help you discover

  • What is your personality type and style preferences
  • What are effective strategies for parenting your child
  • Which parts of parenting come easy to you and those do not
  • How to resolve family problems
  • How to communicate with different personality types within your family

The seminar will use the Myers-Briggs Style Indicator, which is based on the work of Carl Jung’s “Psychological Types”. It is an interactive workshop designed with exercises, activities, storytelling and sharing of experiences.

Registration and your Investment:
Investment for your half-day learning includes the workshop, documents, and an introductory booklet. Places will be limited!

Please register with an email to: info@consulting-nexus.com