One-Day Special Seminars in Geneva

Special Seminars in GenevaWe are pleased to announce that registration is now open for our October 2015 Constructive Communication and MBTI Parenting Styles special Nexus seminars in Geneva. Don’t miss out – Register now!

Special rates will be offered to those coming with their colleagues, friends or partner, or to those registering prior to Monday, 7 September 2015.

To register, please contact us at:

If you want to improve your efficiency within your organization, make a move to new opportunities, or look for guidance on tackling a particular professional/personal challenge, these seminars will equip you with the necessary skills to further develop yourself and to achieve your objectives. All seminars will provide very concrete tools and tips, with immediate impacts.

Professional/personal development – Team Leadership

Collaborative Leadership: how to lead with value-oriented principles, apply effective collaborative and participative styles, lead by example

Multicultural team-spirit: how to create synergetic multicultural teams and communication, have constructive interpersonal relations, and know how to deal with people with different cultural backgrounds

Professional/personal development – Team Communication

Constructive Communication: how to give/receive constructive feedback, give upward feedback, express sentiments constructively – Registrations open

Positivity Skills: how to encourage and motivate others, have a positive attitude, feel more positive and spread positivity, inspire others

Personal development – Family Management

MBTI Parenting Styles: how to identify your children’s personality type, effective strategies for parenting your child, resolve family problems, communicate with different personality types within your family – Registrations open

Save the dates:

  • Friday, 2 October 2015: Constructive Communication – Registrations open
  • Saturday, 3 October 2015: MBTI Parenting Styles – Registrations open
  • Friday, 30 October 2015: Positivity Skills
  • Thursday, 19 November 2015: Multicultural Team-Spirit
  • Saturday, 12 December 2015: Collaborative Leadership

If you are interested in one of the subjects or like to have more information, please respond to:

We look forward to welcoming You at our Seminars!

Kindly and faithfully yours,


Ramin Kaweh
Managing Director